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Class Cancellation Notice
The noon and 6pm classes on Tuesday, April 15th, are cancelled. They will resume the following Tuesday, April 22nd.

Mysore - Photo by Helene Cyr

We provide:

  • bolsters, props (please bring a mat)
  •  filtered water (please bring bottle)
  •  change rooms & washrooms
  •  smaller class sizes
  •  instruction for all abilities


    [ Class Descriptions ] [ Level 1 ] [ All Levels] [ Level 2 ] [ Level 3 ][ Pricing ]

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    If you are new to Yoga, please start with Beginner Intro or All Level Yin classes; check-in with an instructor before moving onto All Levels classes, be patient and respect what your body is telling you.

    Ashtanga Primary Series: [Level - All ] A ninety minute, fast paced, flowing class of YOGA CHIKITSA: Yoga therapy to detoxify inner organs, tone and strengthen the body, begins purification of subtle nerve channels, this practice will revitalize and restore energy over time, mentally one may find greater clarity, Ashtanga Practice may awaken ones deepest inner resources. Enjoy greater concentration and stamina plus find a sense of sweaty bliss and deep peace. The Ashtanga breathing/movement system is taught as set series to progressively open the body and heal. The early morning Mysore program is also an excellent way to learn the Ashtanga asana practice (and the more traditional way)!

    1/2 Primary & Ashtanga Basics: [Level - All] An energetic practice with flowing Sun Salutes and dynamic standing postures, and an intro to more seated poses, includes shoulder-stand and headstand preparation. A basic knowledge of Sun Salutes is recommended.

    Ashtanga Intro: [Level - Beginner] A slower paced intro. to the flowing ashtanga practice. Includes modifications. Suitable for absolute beginners to yoga.

    Mysore Program: [Level - All] (Drop in start times begin 6am anytime until 7:30am start, finish by 8:45am. Beginner Support from 7:15-8:15am) Students work at their own pace and receive individual adjustments and instruction. Practice time can vary in length, one hour (beginners) to 1.5hr to complete the Primary Series. As an individualized experience, we can customize modifications for injuries and assist you in the challenging postures.

    PowerFlow: [Level - Moderate] Fun and Creative, playful posture flows, inspired by Ashtanga yoga with breath and movement flow. May include a workshop approach to focus on specific explorations such as approaching arm balances, deep hip work, back bending, includes core work and challenging postures to build strength & flexibility. A basic knowledge of sun salutes is recommended.

    Yin Flow: [Levels - All] Yin Flow incorporates gentle flowing movements, Yin poses with Thai Massage Adjustments - personalized for each student, and restorative poses. A fun and gentle class good for any level.

    Yin Yoga: [Level - All] A very gentle, quiet experience to bring suppleness to the connective tissues. Mostly floor, supported, held postures. A great class for rest and recovery, with inspired readings and periods of silence to explore inner sensations.



    B = suitable for beginners.
    M = Moderate; energetic practice (basic knowledge of Sun Salutations recommended).
    All = Suitable for all levels



    Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins to purchase your pass.
    CASH, CHEQUE, DEBIT and CREDIT CARD accepted (PayPal can be used online to purchase some items). Thank you.


    Introductory Offers (Valid only for new yogis)
    1st week unlimited for $20 plus HST
    1st month unlimited for $60 plus HST

    6 months ($64.17/month) $385 $431.20
    3 months ($76.67/month) $230 $257.60
    1 month   $95 $106.40
    1 week   $30 $31.50

    15 Class Pass ($10.33/class) $155 $173.60
    8 Class Pass ($11.50/class) $92 103.04
    Drop-in   $13.39 $15
    Noon Drop-in   $10.71 $12

    15 Class Pass ($7.67/class) $120 $134.40
    3 months ($53.34/month) $160 $179.20
    1 month   $75 $84
    Student Pricing valid for full-time students (with ID), and Single Parents only.

    - Seniors: 10% discount on any pass for Seniors 55+ (excludes Intro offer or drop-in)
    - Unlimited and Drop-in Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be postponed or extended.

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