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Massage Therapy Feels Fantastic

Part of my natural health routine includes getting an occasional massage when I feel a little stressed or wiped out from a tough week at work. When I am really feeling sore or something feels out of place, I go to a chiropractor, but a good massage therapist can do wonders when I don’t quite ┬áneed a chiropractor. In fact most chiropractors have at least one massage therapist on staff to compliment their work. Some will also have an acupuncturist as well, all though that is less common.

Since I have lived in a lot of places in Canada over the years, I have known quite a few massage therapists. Finding a good one is just like any other service where some are good, some are bad, and some are great. I think my favorite place to get a massage was a place called Gravite Wellness Center The owner was Bob Taylor and he was a really friendly and outgoing guy. He never made me feel uncomfortable and always put me at ease before getting started. He would do things like tell me about his last vacation and then ask me about mine. Nothing gets people to relax better than talking about a great vacation since it takes them back to a place when they were very happy.

If you decide you want to try to give someone you know a massage, watch this video which gives some great directions on what to do to your wife, husband, spouse, or whoever you want to massage. Of course the results won’t technically as good as if they went to an experienced therapist, but it is a lot more intimate if you want to get closer to someone you love.


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