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Natural Heath Remedies and Cures

Since this website is all about natural solutions to health and wellness problems, I though I would put up a video that does a really good job of explaining why you usually don’t need a medical doctor or their pharmaceutical drugs that they love to push. Granted, there are times when you need to see a regular doctor, and there are some drugs that actually do some good. However, isn’t it wise to try a natural solution when your life is not in imminent danger? If you have arthritis, that is not going to kill you overnight, so why not try certain kinds of foods that have been known throughout history to alleviate the pain? Another example is acid reflux, which can be controlled or eliminated by getting rid of certain foods in organic health foodyour diet. Sure you can take the prescription pills to control it, but what kind of damage and side effects are those causing?

The video starts out by describing how great nature is at curing what ails us, and it can be as simple as just getting outside and listening to a river flow or the birds sing. That kind of thing has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure. It kind of makes sense since we all know that fighting traffic on the way to work and back is not something that most people enjoy. Road rage is rampant in all our big cities and we all lead such busy lifestyles that it seems that we never have enough time to get everything done. That is why we need to make the time for things like meditation and becoming aware of what is happening around us. Too many of us cruise through life without taking the time to stop and smell the roses. If we don’t take the time to stop once in a while, our lives will come to an end and it will all seem like a blur.

They detail the six most important factors when it comes to having good health.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Water
  3. Rest
  4. Air
  5. Exercise
  6. Diet

Then they proceed to explore each in more detail and provide their opinions on how each is critical to good health. For example, there are foods that are natural antibiotics and have been proven to be somewhat effective in treating infections. Some of them are Garlic, Echinacea, Manuka Honey, and Colloidal silver. Again, I am not saying that these should entirely replace regular antibiotics that you get from your doctor. If you have cut your arm and it becomes infected, I am not sure you want to mess around with a natural cure for that.

Next, they get into the anti aging properties that some foods such as blueberries,and nuts, then they talk about foods that boost your metabolism like grapefruit and broccoli. Then, they detail pretty much every health benefit of the most popular “health” foods like apples, nuts, and spinach. The whole video is really interesting and worth the 19 minute duration.


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