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A Beginner’s Meditation Guide

Have you ever noticed that time seems to run away from you and you start to feel like time really does fly? We all lead busy and hectic lives, and sometimes all that chaos of delivering projects on time at work or getting the kids to soccer can make us question what happened in a day. It can all feel like a blur from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed in the evening.

It seems like this feeling only gets worse as you get older. When you were a teenager in school, you may have felt that the day went by too slowly because you might have been in a class that you did not like. However, as you get older and have to face more of life’s responsibilities, you start to wish you had more time and that the clock would slow down so you could accomplish everything you need to do. This feeling of not having enough time can be especially bad if you own a business or are self employed in some respect. Entrepreneurs always feel like there is something more they should be doing to make their business successful. However, if they do not learn to appreciate what is going on around them and be in the moment, instead of having their mind racing and distracted about a million things at once, they may not be as productive as they could be.

The solution to this problem could be Meditation. This ancient practice is easy to do and just takes a few minutes every day. A beginner will need a dimly lit area that is quiet and away from all distractions. The basic premise of meditation is to learn to exist in the present. What does that mean? It means that you need to be aware of what is happening right now. The most basic meditation technique is to focus on your breathing and nothing else. You cannot let your mind wander and start thinking about other things. When you are concentrating on your breathing, you will notice that your chest moves in and out with each breath, and you might feel the air as it comes in your nose. However you should not start to wonder how your lungs work or why you can only hold your breath for 45 seconds. The purpose is to learn to live in the moment with what is happening right now.

When you master this technique and others, you will notice that time seems to move more slowly because you are aware of everything around you and life won’t seem like a blur anymore.

Here is a demonstration of meditation for a beginner


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