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Ashtanga Yoga

A discipline of ancient Indian holistic health, the concept of Ashtanga Yoga moves have become a sought-after concept for better health.

Many poses tend to look like basic calisthenics – pushups, handstands, toe touches and side bends – but the key to Ashtanga yoga is the sweat -inducing, muscle-building power and phenomenal results. In fact, results are so advantageous to overall health that yoga centers are mushrooming.

How Yoga Benefits the Body

One of the main benefits of yoga is the increased flexibility. It’s become popular because of the basic physical routines that require less work and routine training shows gradual improvement. These power yoga moves combine a series of movements that have become conducive, not only for overall flexibility, but also increases your strength.

Increased muscle tone and improved strength is another major benefit of yoga. The asanas are postures that you maintain for long periods of time: this helps increase basic strength by using isometric muscle contractions. From body building to pregnancy, power yoga helps improve strength. The combination of flexibility and resistance training is a perfect match for the body.

Yoga can alleviate various pains: according to several studies, asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques ) and meditation, or a combination thereof can diminish pain for those who suffer with arthritis , back pain , fibromyalgia , carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic ailments.

Similarly, by increasing your muscle strength you get great protection against possible injuries and illnesses, such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis ( bone density is also improved ) . In addition, the joints are strengthened , especially cartilage, when exposed to a wide range of movements.

Immune System: Yoga benefits the immune system and is highly recommended for those who may suffer frequent episodes of autoimmune disorders. In fact, doctors encourage their patients to undertake power yoga, especially if they are unable to follow the other systems of exercise.

Release Toxins from the body: One of the most important benefits of yoga comes in the form of releasing toxins from the body. It helps to expel toxins from the body and completely cleanse the system. Yoga also helps the body release and control stress while allowing tension and other negative vibes to flow out of the system.

A Chronic Pain Reliever

Doctors have found that a mild and moderate yoga regimen can help diminish pain for people suffering with arthritis and other chronic pain. Overall, regular yoga sessions can improve strength and posture, flexibility, reduce aches and pains in the joints and back, improve balance and reduce the risk of falls.

But the first step is having a willingness to discover Ashtanga Yoga, and how yoga postures can be adapted to your capacity.


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