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What Are The Benefits of Herbal Tea?

Since the weather is getting colder, many of us will be reaching for a hot drink to keep us warm. While coffee will always the drink of choice for some people, others prefer tea. There is some debate about how healthy regular black tea and coffee are, but most people would agree that herbal teas have some health benefits.

benefits of herbal teaHowever, we need to point out that technically herbal tea is not really tea since it does not come from tea leaves. What is really happening when you make an herbal tea is you are making an herbal infusion from tree roots, bark, leaves, flowers, or seeds. The infusion could contain only one ingredient or a mixture of several ingredients. These days you just have to walk down the tea and coffee aisle in your local supermarket to find many different flavors and brands of herbal tea. Some are orange or lemon flavored, while others have more of a spicy aroma, or any other fruit flavor.

So, what about the benefits? Some people view herbal teas as a natural remedy. There are teas that aid your digestion and contain ginger that is a well known substance for easing the feeling of nausea.If you are feeling a bit sick, there is a good chance that a hot cup this tea will make you feel better almost immediately. If you need mental sharpness and focus, then you should drink a tea that contains Ginkgo which is known to help with that, however if you need to get a good nights sleep, you should drink a tea that contains Valerian root which is known for calming you down and getting you to sleep. Just take a look at all the products in your supermarket and read the packaging to determine what benefits each product can provide you. There are also a lot of specialty tea shops in shopping malls that carry a vast variety of herbal teas, so it would take a long time to try them all. You can become a tea connoisseur just like the people that like to sample fine wines or scotch whiskeys.

Are there any side effects that come with drinking herbal tea? Not really since all the ingredients are natural, but you do need to use some common sense. The saying “everything in moderation” applies here as well as with almost everything in life. Herbal teas do not contain caffeine so you don’t have to worry about becoming too stimulated like you do if you drink a lot of coffee or tea.

Dr. Dhaval Dhru talks more about this great natural beverage in the video below.

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